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"Drew" goes from "a bit of a mug punter" to 15K profit!
Filmed May 2023
Greeny makes $50k at 21 years old
30K profit member (FULL)
Filmed May 2023
Kav talks about his financial freedom with matched betting
Jimmy's new punting mindset
Max's first $50k
member since 2020
Pete's $18k profit journey
Pom's experience from losing $20k in an hour to making over $100k profit
Kav talks about the value of community
Jimmy debunks "punting for fun" myth
Mayo makes $50k before turning 20
30K profit member (short clip)
Filmed May 2023
Alex - Mug gambler to 8k PROFIT
Filmed May 2023
Kav's initial scepticism of the Platinum Squad

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