Accounts linked.

Stat Dec.

Money lost.

The Matched Betting game is a dynamic one.

The bookies are continuously creating new difficulties for us.

More often than not, people are finding that their accounts are being "Stat Dec'd".

What does Stat Dec mean?

It means Statutory Declaration.

It's a legal document (that is a crime to lie on) that the bookies ask you to sign when they suspect that someone is using a betting account in someone else's name (there's other reasons too but this is our main focus).

Now obviously we do NOT teach people how to bet in other people's names, but if you decide to, we want to ensure you have the most critical information to ensure you DO NOT make rookie mistakes that lead to your accounts being frozen & Stat Dec'd.

This course will break down the DO's and DONT's to minimise the chance of your accounts being linked and Stat Dec'd.

It will also provide a further explanation on what you EXPECTATIONS should be from this course so that you don't find yourself in a situation that you are not well enough prepared or equiped for.

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